Nearly Naked Run!

A few weekends ago UAF had one of it’s Nanook Traditions: Starvation Gulch! This tradition is one of the coolest we have here at UAF, and there are so many different activities! Every year there’s a Block Party and free barbecue  a Blue and Gold Hockey Game, as well as HUGE bonfires that are the main event of the weekend! Different groups design and build massive bonfires and at 10:00pm, they all get set on fire! The past couple of years we have introduced a new event for the weekend called the Nearly Naked Run. This run involves stripping down to be “nearly naked” for charity. Last Saturday afternoon the students of UAF battled the chilly beginnings of winter by bundling up in layers upon layers of old clothes they wanted to donate, stripping it all off at the start, and running the quick less-then-a-mile race towards the finish line as fast as possible! Not only is this a great way to clear out your closet for all your winter clothes, but it is also an awesome way to help others! This year, we had a water bottle for each person who finished the race, t-shirts for the top ten finishers, and sweatshirt blankets for the boy and girl that donated the most clothes. Teal, another student ambassador, and I had the great pleasure of handing out all of the prizes at the end of the race. We also got the opportunity to cheer on the runners sprinting to the finish in hopes of finding their friends waiting with warm clothes before heading to the barbecue to fuel up for the night’s festivities and fires.

Teal and I waiting for the runners at the finish!


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