Going to School in Alaska!!!

Whether you grew up in Fairbanks, or you had never heard of it until you
started your college search, UAF has something for you. While I grew up in
Fairbanks, it almost seemed like a new town once I started going to school at the
university. With 168 different degree programs, it is almost impossible to not find
something you are interested in studying. Personally, I am a big proponent of the
study break. While it is a great place to study and learn, Fairbanks is also great for
study breaks, getting out and enjoying everything Alaska has to offer. Whether it is
a weekend trip to the back country for hiking, climbing, skiing, camping or even just
sightseeing, or simply getting down to lower campus for a volleyball or basketball
game, there is always something to do. Growing up in Fairbanks, it always seemed
like there was nothing happening, but when I got to UAF, I realized that there is
always something going on. We have a great community of people here, and we even
have a Vice Chancellor dedicated completely to serving the students' interests. He has
done a fantastic job improving campus life for all students.

Of course it does get cold in Fairbanks too, but it doesn't take long to get used
to the temperatures, and each winter, students of all backgrounds embrace the cold,
shedding their layers and proving their status as true Alaskans, joining the forty below
club. The temperature sign on campus becomes the place to be on cold winter nights
as groups from two to twenty huddle up next to the sign as it shows a temperature of
both -40̊ F and -40̊ C. Once you have accomplished this, you can call yourself a true
Nanook, and you’ll always remember the first time you felt forty below!

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