Campus Living

Not only is UAF a great academic environment and an amazing choice to further your education, but it houses a great campus environment for residents. The campus is set up in a tight-knit fashion to where everything is accessible within minutes: from the Student Rec Center and Patty Ice Arena, to the Lola Tilly Commons Cafeteria, to the Rasmuson Library and classrooms.
The fondly named MBS complex is the group of dorms Moore, Barlett, and Skarland, with Moore and Skarland being all-freshman dorms, and Barlett being a mixed age dorm. Cutler is the group of student apartment complexes just above and to the side of MBS with the majority of them housing four bedroom apartments.  Lower level campus is the other main area of residence halls including Lathrop, Stevens, Nerland (the only “dry” dorm on lower campus, meaning alcohol is not permitted), and McIntosh.
As a freshman, I think it makes a huge difference if you choose to live on campus. It opens you up to so many more opportunities available to you like the office of Outdoor Activities that creates constant opportunities to get involved outside, with dances and movies at the Hess Rec center in MBS, and offer sign-up sheets for trips off campus-- from a movie at the theater to a Nanook hockey game at the Carlson Center.  Even putting these amazing opportunities aside, you are in a highly social environment as soon as you enter the college world allowing you to make some of the friends you will have for the rest of your life.
This is my fourth year living on campus and I love it. I love not having to worry about making a lengthy commute in the morning from somewhere off campus, I can just wake up and head straight to class. I’ve experienced three different dorms and they really are all unique in their own way, so there are plenty of different options of residence halls so you can find the one that fits your needs.

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