Broomball!!! (Excessive Enthusiasm Necessary)

Tonight is a school night. I have class tomorrow, as do all three of my roommates. 
Where will we be at midnight? Not in bed, or studying, or even at home. Instead, all four of us will be sliding over ice, because tonight is broomball night.
Broomball is one of the many (and in my opinion, the best) intramural sports offered at UAF. Intramurals in general are a fantastic way to get exercise and have fun with friends. UAF students, staff, and faculty are all able to make their own co-ed team and then compete in basketball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, or volleyball (for a complete list of what’s offered this semester, go here
A lot of schools have intramurals, but broomball is one of the less common intramurals offered, and it is undoubtedly my favorite. A combination between hockey and ridiculous, broomball consists of running around the ice in tennis shoes with sticks chasing a miniature soccer ball. Most people are rendered equally clumsy by the ice, which makes the sport fun to watch and even more fun to play. 

UAF students dive for the ball!
Because of competition with other groups that use the ice, broomball games are held late at night. Some of my favorite memories of freshman year are of walking down the hill to the Patty Center at 11:30pm, sliding on a pair of knee pads, and becoming a clumsy but enthusiastic player. The games are 20 minutes--long enough to get a fair workout and to warm you up for the walk back up the hill at 40 below, but short enough to fit around schoolwork and the other multitudes of things that make us busy. Intramural seasons last half a semester, and teams have 1-2 games per week.
Tonight is my last broomball game before playoffs. Wish me luck tonight, but win or lose, I know it will be a slippery blast!

For more photos and to read more about broomball at UAF, go here and here!

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