Nanooks, Ready for their Close-Up!

Just about one year ago, UAF made history by becoming the only institution in the state of Alaska to offer a bachelor degree in Film Studies, in which this year has produced its first generation Film Studies majors.  As this semester is wrapping up, classes are filling out evaluation sheets, writing papers, and synthesizing their work.  This is always a reminder for me to take a step back and see how much or little I was intellectually stimulated and academically enriched.  I took two films this spring:  Cross-Cultural Filmmaking (FLM 460), and Acting for the Camera (FLM 310).  Not only were these classes full of visual experiments, it made me realize the potential we all have to share our stories through film and understand more of each other and the world by doing so.

What's equally exciting as UAF's new Film Major, is the State's legislative support in renewing and revising the film tax-incentive bill that allows for non-resident filmmakers to essentially be awarded tax-credit for shooting their film in Alaska.  For students and those working in the film industry, this is an exciting time to be involved as filmmakers will most likely prefer us locals to work with them as 20% of the newly configured 58% tax credit is incentive for Alaskan hire, and 6% for rural hire.  Starting in 2013, Senate Bill 23, as it's known as) will be funded at $200 million for a decade.

Even if you are not interested in majoring in Film, I encourage you to sign up for a class!  Trust me, the initial step can be intimidating whether you're in front of - or behind the camera, but if you have the slightest bit of interest, just know that you have to start somewhere.  Even if it begins with renting a camera from the Media Desk at the Library, taking the Let's Make a Movie class, or deciding to major in film, we all have a story to tell and if film is your medium, know that you have lots of support from the U, the State, and aspiring filmmakers like myself.

For more information visit: FilmUAF!
Read more about Senate Bill 23 at:

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