Inside Out: A Very Big Deal

It’s almost here, the event of the century (or at least the semester): University of Alaska Fairbanks, Discover UAF: Inside Out of spring, 2012. This event was designed to introduce incoming freshmen to college life and parents to their child’s next adventure, whether at UAF or another school. The event is one that entails everything, from talks to tours, from classes to workshops. There is even a panel of current students excited to answer questions and share with new students what the college experience is all about.

8:30 am – Check-In, Registration, and Breakfast!

Enjoy tasty treats while meeting with representatives of the different departments in the Great Hall.

9:00 am – Welcome

An overview of the day in the Davis Concert Hall

9:45 am – Students: Q&A with Current Students & Admissions Staff

Bring questions about campus life, activities, academics, and whatever else you would like to find out about to the Wood Center Ballroom.

10:30 am – Student: Class Observation

Attend a real live college class!

11:45 am – Students & Parents: Major Mania/Job Fair & Lunch

Explore the vast realm of opportunities on campus, both academic and career-oriented, at the Wood Center. Next, enjoy a delicious lunch at the Lola Tilly Commons.

1:45 pm – Students & Parents: Campus Tour

Experience the campus first hand on a guided tour.

3:30 pm – Students & Parents: Mini Workshops

Sort out the vastness of information with small workshops designed to put the student in touch with the right people. More questions can be answered and important people talked with.

4:30 pm – Grand Finale!

Conclude the day with prizes, surveys, and a picture with our loveable symbol, the UAF Nanook. Learn what to do next in order to make your college experience an amazing one!

This event is perfect for both students and parents, with a separate, but equally enjoyable and occasionally identical schedule for each. There is no charge, but a quick registration is needed. For more information, visit <>. As the site says, “Choosing a college is a big decision. We can make it easy.”

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