A Glimpse of Warmth to Come

It’s finally here: the warm air, the sunshine, and that desire to get out of your room as fast as possible.

UAF has been experiencing one heck of a cold snap. For about six weeks, it was at least -30, mostly -40, and sometimes -50 degrees Fahrenheit! That’s pretty cold. Now, all of the sudden, the temperature is hovering around zero degrees and everyone is pretty excited.

It is finally possible again to be outside for more than a moment without your face freezing! We can go winter hiking, climbing on the outdoor climbing wall, go sledding on the amazing campus sledding hills, play Frisbee Golf all over campus, and even go skiing on the trails behind campus- all 30 miles of them.

There are plenty of tantalizing options for getting outdoors, even before there is grass beneath our feet. Instead of trying to stay warm, the challenge now is to concentrate on schoolwork!

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