From Zebras to Bacon & Everything in Between: 40 Below Club

As you may already know, UAF is located in the coldest city in the Nation... Fairbanks Alaska.

Let's just say, the cold can get a little miserable at times... But at UAF, we like to make a little game out of it to lift our spirits... It's called the 40 Below Club.

You must be wondering, how you can join this very fun sounding club. Here's the deal.

1. You must wait until the temprature drops below -40 degrees celsius. (It has to be -40 on the UAF sign!)

2. Come to Campus and strip your clothes off! (Leave your underwear on, so you don't get arrested & leave your shoes on so you don't get frostbites)

3. Strike a pose and have a friend snap a picture!

4. Now post it on Facebook so everyone can see it, and Non-Alasakns can call you crazy.

Finally, Welcome to the 40 Below Club! (Hope you decide to join us in this wonderful tradition!)

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