On My Birthday . . .

By now, people in my life know I like food. {Alas, I'm still learning how to use the kitchen in my apartment.}So what I mean to say is that I enjoy eating. For my birthday this summer, I was fortunate enough to be gifted TWO homemade cakes. I have included pictures of them. The first is a chocolate, vegan wonder, made by my sister, who I obviously didn't need to go to UAF to meet :p  But the second is made by my neighbor, who is from Kazakhstan!!! And it's a chocolate cheesecake.

Time at the university is all about making life awesome in little ways like this.                                --------->

I've gotten to know people from seriously everywhere you could imagine {that's on Earth and not Antarctica, but I do know someone who used to live in Iceland}. And I still am learning the names of all these cool villages scattered about Alaska. Oh, all the places you will go, all the lovely people to meet~!~!

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