My First Bike at UAF

Like many new students to UAF, when I was a freshman I did not have my own means of transportation. I relied on friends, public transportation and my own two feet. My second year here I acquired a car and for the past two years have been able to get places relatively quickly and on my own time. However, in August while in Anchorage my vehicle became ill and I had to return to Fairbanks for the fall semester without it while I was waiting for it to be repaired.
Originally I had thought that I would be without a car for maybe a week, so I did not look into getting a bike, but after about ten days of walking(which can be very time-consuming!) to where I needed to go or asking for rides from friends I decided to keep my eye out for a bike. When a friend offered to give me one due to the neglect it received, I was grateful and appreciative. Though I did have to put some money into tuning it up (buying a pump, a couple tools and a new inner tube) it was well worth it. Being able to ride my bike instead of walking was liberating. I could now get to the places I needed to go in a fraction of the time it would take me to walk.
After about a month of biking I now have my car back and I have to admit I am using my bike less often, but do intend to keep it for summer. It's getting a lot colder and while there are people who rough it and bike all year long, a warm car is too appealing for me. I guess what I'm trying to get across is that if you don't have a vehicle and would like a relatively inexpensive way to get around, I suggest investing in a bike. Or if you do have a car and want to save some gas and get some exercise, a bike is a great alternative.

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