Rasmuson Library: 4th floor

One of the strangest things, in my opinion, about UAF is many buildings are not built to where you walk into them on the first floor.  The Rasmuson Library is no exception.  I'll give a mini preview of each floor over the next few weeks.  Today's floor of choice:  the fourth floor. One of the most awesome facts about the Rasmuson Library is that we have the largest collection of books in Alaska! (There is another university who happens to have more square feet, but we think the books are what matter

There is a new feature to the library.  We have a cell-phone tour of each of these locations I'm about to tell you about. 

I work at the Rasmuson Library.  I'm a student assistant, so you might find me sitting at the circulation desk located on the fourth floor!  Despite the fact that 99% of our books are not on the fourth floor, this is still where you bring them to check out.  In addition to the books that we have in circulation, there are also about 2000 CD's, more than 8,400 DVD's, more than 7,000 VHS tapes (if anyone watches those anymore) and tons of media equipment.

Our media equipment ranges from GPS's, to laptops (Mac [some even have Final Cut Pro] and PC), video cameras, iPads (1 and 2), point-and-shoot cameras, DSLR cameras (of the Canon brand), to more obscure (again, in my opinion) items, like record players that can record tracks to your computer and wi-fi cards.

The media desk also offers duplication services.  If you need 18 copies of the skit you did in American Sign Language, and there isn't a copyright, you can pay a small fee and we'll duplicate those.  Our requirements include: you must be affiliated with UAF, the item cannot have a copyright (unless you have specific documentation from the copyright holder) and all items should be academically related. 

The 4th floor is awesome because it is not a quiet floor.  In order to help students participate in group study, we have created two types of floors.  Quiet and not-quiet.  Floors 2, 5 and 6 are quiet floors, with the exception of a small portion of level 2. Levels 3 and 4 are areas where you can talk in a normal voice and not get nasty glares - unless you are really, really distracting and then we'll have to ask you to quiet down.  I do remember a time when two people were practicing their German REALLY, REALLY loudly.

If you have a chance, you can meet Donner.  He's a cichlid who lives by himself because he eats all of the guests we put in his tank.  Careful though, he might play hide-and-seek with you.

The fourth floor is also home to about 30 public use computers.  They are all connected to the internet and printers and have Microsoft Office on them.  Use of the computers is free and should be used for business or school purposes, but we all know we need a break once in awhile, so we don't block entertainment.  Printing is not free and requires a Polar Express card or a printing card (available for purchase for $1).  Your Polar Express Card has the ability to carry a monetary balance, called Bear Bucks.  They are usable to print, make photocopies or even purchase snacks around campus and town.

The fourth floor also has the Reference Desk.  Reference librarians are amazing at helping people find resources they need.  They have limited hours in the summer, but during the school year, they are there quite a bit more.  Their fall semester hours are as follows:   M-R 9a-6p, F 9a-5p, SS 1p-5p. 

If you are looking for a reference material item, they are located on the 4th floor as well.  Many of our reference materials are available online, so this section is continually dwindling.  We are slowly gaining more best sellers to the collection and these books are also located on the 4th floor. 

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