A picture says a thousand words. UAF in photos...

Todd Paris, UAF's amazing photographer, recently put together a montage of photos that had been used on the front page of our university website.
Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Too awesome! You won't believe how pumped up I get when I see pictures of the campus and all.

I'm thinking on making an exchange to UAF. Is there any possible way I can contact student ambassadors without having to send a message through the university's website (it won't let me)?
I have a lot of questions to ask before I make my decision.

Thanks for the help!

Gretchen King said...

Hi Robert. Glad to hear you're considering an exchange to UAF! You won't be sorry : )

The ambassador website is currently set up to allow you to email the student ambassadors. Perhaps you don't have an email client set up? I would like to help troubleshoot the problem so you can contact the ambassadors and get your questions answered. Can you tell me what is happening when you click on the link to contact them? You can comment here or email me at g.king@uaf.edu.

In the mean time, you can email any of the admissions counselors at admissions@uaf.edu or check out this page http://www.uaf.edu/admissions/info/

Best of luck with your decision!

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