Hello students and prospect nursing inquires,
The medical field is an ever growing occupation making it an excellent degree field to invest in. UAF has joined with UAA to bring Fairbanks students the option to obtain their associates of nursing. Students can stay here in Fairbanks while pursuing their degree through UAA. However, being accepted into the nursing program is not the same as being accepted into the pre-nursing program.

Once all your prerequisites are achieved, a separate application must be submitted to the nursing program along with taking the nursing entrance exam.The nursing program is based on a point system. All of the prerequisite classes are worth a certain amount of points as well as the nursing entrance exam. The points earned from the test, prerequisites and GPA are added up to decide who the top candidates are for the program.

Extra points can be earned by working as an EMT or a nurses aid. The program is growing fairly quickly and many students go on to obtain their bachelors of nursing by taking an extra year of school online while working as a nurse with their associates degrees.

There are many opportunities to take advantage of here at UAF and more to come.

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