From Zebras to Bacons&Everything In Between: Ice Cream Thursdays

If you ever take classes during the summer at UAF, you will have the pleasure to enjoy Ice Cream Thursdays, which is my favorite activity of the summer! Actually, Ice Cream Thursdays is everyone's favorite activity!

Surprisingly Alaska is said to have the highest ice cream consumption in the nation! Whether it's sunny or rainy, Alaskans will stand in line for their ice cream.

Ice Cream Thursdays have been going on since the 70's or maybe even before! and I guess it used to only be $.15!! unfortunately that is impossible in the current economy, but we still try to keep it as affordable as possible, so it's only $1 a scoop! and trust me when I say we give out HUGE scoops! we fill up a 9oz cup , as you can see in the picture to the right.

At Ice Cream Thursdays, we try to have a variety of flavors every week! When we order our ice creams, we try to keep in mind chocolate, vanilla, sherbet, and a fun flavor! and our flavors change through out the day. As we finish one container, that's 3 gal., we bring out a new flavor. Customers that really want a specific flavor try to come as early as they can. Usually we have a line starting at least 15 mins before our opening. By the end of the day, we usually go through about 15 to 18 gal. of ice cream!

We frequently have customers ask us where we get our ice creams from. Well it's not Hot Licks, which is a local ice cream brand that's very delicious. We get our ice cream from a vendor and the ice cream comes from Denali, Anchorage and Seattle. but there's quite a variety in the brand.

btw. that's my boss Cody, in the blue, and co-worker RJ, scooping ice cream, working hard during ice cream =]

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