UAF Honors Program

For students who are looking for that extra experience or challenge in college, the Honors Program is a great place to look. Not only does the "Honors" designation look great on a diploma, but it links a small group of students from a variety of disciplines together.

The Honors Program is housed in the Honors House - imagine that! It's near main campus, and it provides a great study space. The offices of the director and program assistant are right inside the house, and their doors are always open to students. The house has a main "living room" with multiple computers, tables, and very comfortable couches. Smaller study rooms, kitchen, laundry room, and bathrooms (with showers) are all available for student use.

*Note* The Honors Program is great for students who live off campus. Laundry, showers, and storage lockers are all free!! Free printing is also available for Honors students at the Honors House.

The House acts as a classroom, study location, hang out area, and yes, sometimes a short afternoon nap zone. :) The Honors Student Council- which arranges events, raises funds for outings, and participates in community service events like National Homelessness and Hunger Awareness Week- holds meetings in the house once a week. A bbq starts off the fall semester, and a student-run luncheon wraps up the spring semester. Free food can also be found at the House throughout the year!

True, "Honors" may sound a little nerdy, but being in Honors really isn't all that different from being a typical student. Students are required to take a certain number of honors credits and complete a capstone project (like a thesis) to graduate in the program. But the capstone project is designed to be something the student creates on an individual basis. For example, I'm creating an informational magazine about St. George Island in the Bering Sea, which is where I worked for US Fish and Wildlife this past summer! I love that place, and now my work revolves around that enthusiasm!

Honors students come from all over and have all sorts of awesome stories. You can hear quite the tales (and create some of your own) by spending time at the Honors House! Outdoorsy activities have traditionally been favorites among Honors students, including a trip down to Denali National Park for its Winterfest celebration every year.

Think you're interested in Honors? In order to qualify for Honors as an incoming freshman, students must have a GPA of at least 3.6 and a minimum ACT composite score of 27 or minimum combined SAT score of 1820. Requirements for current college students can be found at A link to the application, which is separate from the general UAF application, can also be found on this page.

If you have questions about Honors, I suggest contacting myself or anyone with the program. We're always happy to answer questions! Joining Honors has definitely been one of my best decisions at UAF!

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