Facebook and the University of Alaska Fairbanks

How many of you use facebook?  Come on now, don't deny it ;-) 
Facebook has become an integral part of my life.  I keep in touch with my family, find out about events going on around campus and the community, learn that my best friend has a new boyfriend and get homework help from friends.  When I was a freshman and living in the residence halls, the posters were great at sparking my interest in events, but facebook was my constant reminder that they were coming up. 
I strongly suggest following UAF on facebook if you aren't already to learn about events that are coming up on campus and for reminders about deadlines.  One of our awesome campus photographers is always posting new pictures that relate to life in Fairbanks too.  Students can tag UAF and promote their activities as well. 

Beyond the main University page, many departments also have facebook pages.  Here are a few to check out:
I doubt that is all of them, but you can definitely learn a lot of information from these facebook pages.  

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Murial said...

Don't forget about UAF Student Activities Office and Nanook Traditions' pages to keep up on the fun activities that happen on campus!

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