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Summer Sessions and Lifelong Learning is a part of UAF that provides even more opportunities to take classes during the year.  And while their title says "summer" they also do amazing 2 week sessions.  That's right. You can take a 3-credit class in just two weeks!  These sessions are called Wintermester and Maymester.  It's a great opportunity to take some of the core classes that you just can't seem to find time for.  

Just after the first of the year, students can come back to classes early and start Wintermester.  Not all the classes are core one, there are some more interesting ones, such as Electric Car Conversion; Your Mind and How to Use It and Athabascan Beadwork, Tufting and Porcupine Quillwork.  

And, after the end of spring semester, MAYmester comes quick! MAYmester is a great way to start of summer sessions.  The summer consists of a 12-week semester (just like the normal year) and 2 6-week sessions, which are accelerated semesters.  This past summer I took both semesters of Anatomy and Physiology in just 12 weeks! It was intense, but I would do it again.  You can see some pictures of our lab on this page.  

If you are an out of state student, there's good news for you!  Summer Sessions charge in-state tuition for everyone during the summer!  Summer classes can help you graduate sooner, or just provide a time to take a fun class that you many not have had time for during the school year.  Another great thing is that summer is part of the current school year, so no tuition hikes will happen yet.  It's the last opportunity to get the cheapest tuition at UAF.  

If you aren't a UAF student, no worries!  "Summer@UAF offers open enrollment so you do not need to be formally admitted to the university to register for classes. If the course(s) you decide to register for has prerequisites you will need to provide transcripts or test scores that show you have met the prerequisites." (FAQ Page)

Registration for WINTERmester opens when Spring Semester registration starts - early November.  And Maymester and Summer Sessions open toward the end of February. I always recommend signing up early because some classes are very, very popular and fill up quickly.  

In my opinion, it is never too early to start planing for the rest of your college plans.  

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