Last Monday I happened to find out that Lisa Murkowski was speaking at UAF. It was an informal gathering at the Great Hall, and students and community members had a chance to talk to Murkowski in a casual setting.

Murkowski was running a write in campaign against Republican Nominee Joe Miller and Democrat Scot Mc Adams. Elections are done with now, and looks like Alaskans wrote in Murkowski. The write in ballots have not been counted up yet, but Murkowski still has a good chance of winning a write in campaign!

The last time a write in campaign was won was in 1954 by Strom Thurmond. I think if Alaska wasn't the small community that it is, Murkowski's write in campaign may not have been as successful. In my opinion it is easier to reach out to 600,000 people in Alaska vs 36,961,664 people in California!

This "small community" atmosphere was very apparent in the room as Murkowski answered questions. Students asked questions mostly about issues pertaining mostly about health care and the university. At the end of the question-answer session Murkowski said she had to catch a flight soon, but those who did not get to ask questions could walk with her. This was very different from the huge rallies I see on TV where the candidates seem unapproachable. I would like to point out that Murkowski is not alone in her approachable ways, many other Alaskan politicians are very approachable.

Ive been in Alaska only 3 years and have had a chance to meet and talk to Senator Begich, Murkowski, late Senator Stevens, Governor Sean Parnell and the previous US Secretary of Commerce. Many of these meetings have been due to my involvement in Students who Enjoy Economic Thinking (SWEET!) an econ club on campus which organizes seminars with economists and politicians for UAF among other awesome econ acticities like a book club and even a scholarship program. It is a great way to get involved and be active and you really get to benefit from the fact that this is a small community that has a ton of opportunities for everyone!

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