Some October Events!

Hi! We're a month into the school year and we've had some amazing events.  We also have some awesome events coming up.  There is bound to be something that you're interested in, and while I'm talking just about this year, events like these happen every year!

If you are 21+, our pub on campus has a smoke-free environment with entertainment almost nightly.  So far this month, we've had a poetry slam, a 90's hip-hop dance, Panopticon (a band), pub trivia, and an open mic night!  Coming up at the pub this month still includes karaoke night, a Halloween Bash and more fun nights!  It's a fun place to meet up with friends and have some tasty nachos.

The Student Activities Office has events almost weekly!  This month they've had a comedian, movies that haven't come out on DVD yet, and a huge dance!  Events to come include a Halloween Carnival, a concert (Tobacco) and a Thrill The World event!  Most of these events are really cheap, because they know we're college students.

If you are into the sports scene, there have been hockey and volleyball games as well as swim meets! It's fun to watch the Nooks play and cheer on people you might have a class or two with.  There are more sporting events to check out as well.  One of my friends has started a club to help influence students to get to sporting events! It's called the Nanook Pride Club.  For every hockey game you attend, you get one point.  Every basketball and volleyball game: two points! For every meet (swimming, rifle, running and skiing): three points!  The points accumulate to win prizes!  There is rumor that there will be a drawing at the end of the season with the people tied for the highest points to win an Alaska Air ticket!

There have been guest lecturers, such as Patch Adams, plays and many, many other awesome events that have occurred this month.  If you're ever bored, it's probably your own fault :)

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