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Imagine you've just graduated from college. You're at an interview for what could be your dream job, and the interviewer says, "show me some of the work you've done in the past".

So what if during your college experience you never did get the time to do an internship; what do you show the interviewer?

This is where the many opportunities at UAF come into play. I can't begin to emphasize how wonderfully the classes at UAF tie into one another. Especially if your a business student like I am. The business program may be the smallest at UAF, but it certainly packs some punch when it comes to preparing its students for the "real world". Once a student reaches their upper level classes, they tend to all tie into one another so well, that projects from one class can be applied in another. This is exactly what I am able to do.

Currently I am a business student in my senior year. I am fortunate enough that in three of my classes I am able to tie together my projects, and create one larger project, adding to my portfolio that I will be able to show potential employers one day.

For example, in my Small Business Management course I am putting together a business plan on a wedding planning business. Of course everyone got to choose what they were interested in working on; my interests just happen to lie in opening a wedding planning business one day. So I am working on putting together a business plan for what I hope one day will become reality.

Then, in another one of my classes, Advertising, Sales, and Promotion, I was able to put together an advertising campaign for the hypothetical business. And, last but not least, for my Management of Information Systems class I was able to put together a website for the hypothetical business. All these projects from different classes may have individually have been a bunch of random little projects. But since these upper level classes tie together so well, I was able to tie my individual projects into one larger project, that I will one day be able to present as part of my portfolio.

Check out some of the work that has been done so far....


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