A New School Year

Wow! September 2nd was the first day of classes at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, but that's not the day students arrived!  New Student Orientation started on Sunday, August 29th this year and was 4 fun, information-filled, new connections-made days!  This year I participated in New Student Orientation as an Orientation Leader (for the 3rd fall semester in a row) and I met wayyyy too many people to count or even remember names, but it was totally worth it.  

I'll give you a brief overview of what I did this week, but you can always click here for the detailed schedule and more information for the next semester when it becomes available. 
Sunday:  Rev-It-Up! is an event that occurs on the Sunday before classes start.  It is a one-stop "shop" to get your room key, your student ID (called your Polar Express Card at UAF), set up a dining plan, talk to Health and Counseling, Parking Services, the Post Office and the Office of Information Technology (OIT).  If you are moving into a residence hall, teams of wonderful volunteers will move all of your stuff for you while you get things situated inside :D
There are also break-out sessions for both the students and parents, campus tours and lots of people!  Sunday evening is the Orientation Kick-Off.  The Kick-Off is lots of fun.  All the new students get broken into groups with an Orientation Leader who will help them throughout the next few days as well as being a resource for the rest of the year!
There were tons of events, but I'll leave that up to you to discover when you come to UAF

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