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~So Much to Do~
Wow! What a busy time of the year-Spring! The sun has returned and the snow is melting. The intensity of finishing end of the year papers, presentations and projects is in full force.

Along with making sure all my lose ends are tied with my 6 classes I also have been busy with several extracurricular activities. UAF has a diverse range of clubs events, and activities to keep every type of student busy all year long.

My classes are important to me but the hands-on organizing and participation in events and organizations gives me extra life experiences to help prepare me for the "real world".

All year long I have been organizing and holding events in an effort to educate the campus community about the environmental and human health impacts of our energy use and consumption. This has kept me VERY busy. This club is called UAF Beyond Coal.

This weekend April 17th and 18th another one of my clubs Righteous Ladies rebelling will be performing The Vagina Monologues at the Schaible Auditorium.

Next weekend I have designed an event with another one of my club's Pi Sigma Alpha. It will be hosted by Campus Progress and other cool speakers will be there like Evon Peter. This event is part of a larger tradition at UAF- Spring Fest!!

It is all very exciting and even if you are not interested in these clubs UAF is sure to have something that entertains your particular interests...and if it doesn't you can become a student leader and start your own club in just a few simple steps.

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