TRiO-Student Support Services Program

This past Tuesday I had the chance to give a speech at the annual TRiO Day banquet. TRiO includes a program known as SSS, or Student Support Services., as well as the Upward Bound program, which helps students prepare for college.

There are many obstacles in our lives that may make the decision to go to college, as well as making it to graduation in a four-year program feel practically impossible! For example, living in poverty, learning or physical disabilities, or even the fact that neither of your parents went through a four-year program. These factors contribute to making it less likely for students to make it through a four-year program.

I am one of those students. I have been a part of SSS since day one of my academic experience here at UAF and I would like to take a moment to let you know about these important services that are provided on our campus through SSS.

SSS services include:

* Free tutorial services
* Instruction in mathematics skills
* Academic advising, mentoring and personal support
* Cultural and social engagement
* Use of laptop computers, labs, and other technology resources
* Direct financial assistance to qualified low-income participants

I have benefited from the opportunities and services which have helped me to stay in school, as well as being more successful in my endeavors. I hope that if you are worried about applying to school because you are faced with any of these struggles, please consider the services that SSS provides.

I almost didn't apply to school because of these obstacles but with their help I have become a very successful student and today I can't imagine my life without my college experiences.

The banquet on Tuesday was a good reminder of the important role that these programs play in helping students succeed and achieve the academic experience they deserve.
The annual banquet is a day to celebrate both those who contribute to the success of the program, as well as to celebrate the success of the students who are beneficiaries of the program.

If you are thinking about applying for school and are faced with these life obstacles you can also check out SSS on Facebook

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