There is probably a conference going every day of the year minus major holidays! They are a great place to meet people, gather new ideas and even experience a different location. Even my boyfriend is in Florida (lucky!!!) at a conference for work for computer training. 

The most current conference in my future is the one I'm planning!  It is a conference for all the chapters of Alpha Phi Omega in Section 8!  This includes brothers from the Universities of Alaska Anchorage and Juneau, University of Washington, Seattle University and University of Oregon, who are all coming to Fairbanks for a weekend of leadership, friendship and service! Recently we had a region conference, which unfortunately is just the chapters in our section at the moment.  You can read about that one here!

Planning a conference is slightly more stressful than just attending one.  My committee of two of my brothers and an adviser, have worked since the semester started to get this conference rolling.  I've also been in direct contact with our region director who has been a HUGE help. 

We've had to look at finding flights that students can afford (pretty much only Alaska Airlines flys from the rest of the United States between September and May), finding housing for all of these brothers and associate members - both with brothers from my chapters and at a hotel for the staff (about 15 brothers from the other schools and 4 staff members), organizing meals, activities and transportation for everyone involved (all in all, about 32 people), and registering and budgeting the registration costs.   And we are still keeping up with our day to day lives and other chapter related issues.  It's been a stressful couple of months, but we'll see it all come together this weekend!

I'm super excited and I'll post pictures and talk a little more about what happened next week!

Have a good Saint Patrick's Day!!!

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