Just another day in paradise

Yep, you heard me, paradise. I don't need sandy beaches or palm trees, just clear and cold winter air.

February and March are by far some on my favorite months in Fairbanks. Its cold sure, but the worst is generally behind us. The sun is coming back at something like 7 minutes more sunlight a day or over 45 minutes a week! Goggle tans are in by the way. But seriously, this is the time to be outside! Get out there!

As further motivation, you now get to hear about my stellar weekend. Excited? I'm sure you are. Friday rolled around with the usual excitement (it is Friday after all!) but because lab was canceled, today consisted of trekking down to Healy for some ice climbing. Needless to say, the weather was gorgeous, the ice was fat and everyone had a great time. What more could one want?

The answer of course is more. More ice. More cold mountain air. More awesome.

Saturday morning finds us once again on the side of the highway in Healy, blue sky and sun lighting up the mountains in fantastic ways. Today's agenda is bigger, taller ice. As we rope up and begin to climb, workers from the Alaska Railroad pull up across the river on the tracks and sit and watch us work the face. I can't decide what they want to see more... us making it to the top or Jason whipping down onto his last ice screw. He builds his anchor and comes down, the railroad workers drive off; clearly they wanted the latter.

Saturday turns into Sunday and Moose Mountain beckons. It's time for some downhill skiing! The trails are great and the hill was surprisingly quiet. Fast runs and good times with friends. Many many runs later, cup of coffee in hand I can sit back and reflect on my weekend. What more can one say?

Just another day in paradise.

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