Alaska Nanook Pep Band!

Hey Band Geeks!
I love playing in the Alaska Nanook Pep Band!  Let me give you the run down.  In Fairbanks, we lack a football team, so unfortunately we don't have a marching band. But, we do have mens hockey, which is another awesome sport.  So, that's who we cheer on!  We also play for our basketball teams (both men and women) and our ladies volleyball team! Hopefully, in the future, we'll play for our ladies hockey team (they are just a club right now, but they want to be a NCAA team eventually)  as well!

In the past, we've had a smaller group, but this year, we have 46 members! Who doesn't love being loud, playing music that everyone recognizes and having tons of school spirit?!  I certainly do.  Here's a picture to prove our spirit!

even the mascot wants to play trumpet!

We've done some upgrades to the uniform this year too!

We went from this.... in the lovely gold shirts with nothing on the back

 To the awesome blue shirts with a upgraded front logo and the Alaska Nanooks A on the back!! 

Our director is a pretty awesome grad student from the UAF Music Department, Hannah Johnston.

So, if you play a pep band instrument and are coming to the University of Alaska Fairbanks, come out and play with us!  Or cheer for us if you don't play anything. 

tenor saxes for life! :)

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Unknown said...

I'm coming in the fall and was wondering if anybody can join the pep band?

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