Friends in Fairbanks

So, I just finished my blog entry on the amazing trip I had to Washington DC this winter break. However, while my break ended in witnessing history, it actually got off with a pretty bleak start. I'm originally from the Portland, OR metro area and right after finals I was to be headed home to see my family over break. Unfortunately, a huge storm hit the Pacific Northwest completely shutting down the Seattle, Portland, and Spokane airports--apparently not all airports are prepared for snow and ice like Fairbanks! My flight, and the flights of many friends were naturally canceled. But just as I was beginning to bemoan the reality of not making it home for Christmas, I realized that even in just two years of being up here I have accumulated quite an awesome group of friends. From spontaneous sledding adventures to Winter Solstice parties to Contra-dancing, my Fairbanks friends and others stranded like myself banded together and made the best of what could have been a pretty miserable kickoff to our Christmas break. This is just one more example of the incredible hospitality and kindness of the amazing community here at UAF and throughout Fairbanks. When you choose to come to UAF, you are not just coming to a unique and wonderful college, but also a unique and wonderful community.

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