Adventures in the Last Frontier

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Blogging huh? I must say, I've never done this before but I hope that this gives everyone a new and informative look at UAF, the activities here and the lives of students.

So, I work at UAF Outdoor Adventures and this weekend I led a trip down to Gunnysack Creek in the Delta Range south of Delta Junction (about 2 hours south of Fairbanks). We had 6 fantastic participants on the trip and we all had a great time. The day started off cold as we drove down and the wind was howling when we arrived at the trail-head. We got on our way and soon the steep valley walls were shielding us from most of the wind and it was quite nice. We hiked our way up the valley, stopping every now and again to snack and take pictures of the neat ice formations and beautiful views. We returned to the car and stopped in Delta for dinner. We saw 4 moose on the way home which was the first time for some people. It was a great day overall and everyone had fun. What a great Saturday!

I love that Outdoor Adventures provides these opportunities for UAF students, staff and faculty. It feels really good to have a programs, like my trip on Saturday, that was facilitated by students for other students. It creates a unique environment to do new things, and challenge yourself as an individual by trying new things. I think everyone on the trip on Saturday would agree, this wasn't just a hike in subfreezing temperatures. It was an experience where students bonded with other students from different walks of life, where Wildlife Biology majors joked with Engineering majors, where exchange students met lifelong Alaskans and where we all shared a little of ourselves with each other.

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